OKR template to enhance competency in preparing financial statements

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The OKR is titled "Enhance competency in preparing financial statements". The first objective focuses on preparing and reviewing error-free financial statements, with a target of 100%. This involves preparing sample statements, verifying them for errors, and collecting all necessary financial data.

The second outcome is oriented towards obtaining insightful feedback from a seasoned financial analyst. Initiatives for this include identifying an experienced analyst, sharing the prepared statements with them and requesting their review and feedback. The target is also set at 100%.

The third outcome aims at completing a comprehensive course on the preparation of financial statements with a score of 90% or more. It requires registering for a course, diligently studying the course materials, and attempting the examinations hoping to score 90% or above.

Through all these actions, the ambition to enhance competency in preparing financial statements can be achieved. The overall focus is on learning, practice, and receiving expert feedback to strengthen expertise in financial statement preparation.
  • ObjectiveEnhance competency in preparing financial statements
  • Key ResultPrepare and review three sample financial statements error-free
  • TaskPrepare three sample financial statements
  • TaskVerify and proofread statements for errors
  • TaskCollect necessary financial data and records
  • Key ResultObtain feedback from a seasoned financial analyst on the prepared statements
  • TaskShare prepared statements with chosen analyst
  • TaskRequest review and feedback on those statements
  • TaskIdentify experienced financial analyst in the field
  • Key ResultComplete a comprehensive financial statements preparation course with 90% score
  • TaskRegister for a financial statement preparation course
  • TaskAttempt examinations, aiming for a 90% score
  • TaskDiligently study course materials weekly
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