OKR template to establish credibility and affordability in the tour agency market

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This OKR is focused on gaining credibility and affordability within the tour agency industry. The primary objective of this plan is to establish profitable partnerships with local tourism providers. This will involve meetings and negotiation of terms, identification of potential partners, and crafting tailored package proposals.

The next goal is targeted at enhancing customer loyalty through competitive pricing which is expected to result in a 20% increase in return customers. This will require the development and implementation of a competitive pricing structure and regular analysis as well as adjustments based on business performance and insights gathered from competitors and the market.

Establishing credibility will also be achieved through customer testimonials. Aiming for five positive testimonials from satisfied customers, the process will involve reaching out to happy customers for testimonies, following up on the progress after consultation, and providing a basic guide on the content expectations for the testimonies.

Strategic partnerships and pricing strategies are central to this OKR’s success. It aims to not just boost the company’s credibility and affordability, but also enhance the perception of the company's value proposition through customer satisfaction and competitive pricing.
  • ObjectiveEstablish credibility and affordability in the tour agency market
  • Key ResultEstablish partnerships with 3 major local tourism providers for affordable packages
  • TaskInitiate meetings to present proposals and negotiate terms
  • TaskDevelop package proposals tailored to each provider
  • TaskIdentify potential local tourism providers for partnership
  • Key ResultGenerate 20% increase in return customers through competitive pricing strategies
  • TaskDevelop and implement competitive pricing structure
  • TaskEvaluate and adjust pricing strategies based on business performance
  • TaskResearch competitors' pricing strategies and consumer responses
  • Key ResultSecure 5 positive testimonials from satisfied customers
  • TaskReach out to happy customers to request testimonials
  • TaskFollow-up on testimonial progress after consultation
  • TaskBrief customers on testimonial forms and content expectations
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