OKR template to enhance stability and resilience in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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This OKR aims to improve stability and resilience of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), a technology that hosts a desktop environment on a centralized server. The first objective is to improve disaster recovery success rate to 95% by optimizing resiliency plans. This includes development and implementation of improvements, regular testing, and adjustments, as well as thorough assessments of the current plans.

The second objective focuses on reducing VDI errors on the client-side by 20%. The goal is to achieve this reduction through software updates and the provision of troubleshooting guides. This involves training clients using these guides and implementing regular software patches on client-side VDI systems.

The third objective seeks to minimize system downtime by 30% through infrastructure optimization and redundancy implementation. The strategies to achieve this include conducting comprehensive assessments of existing infrastructure, optimizing system operations for improved functionality, and implementing redundancy systems to ensure uninterrupted operation.

The overarching goal of this OKR is to significantly enhance the stability and resilience of VDI. This will directly result in improved disaster recovery, reduced client-side errors and minimized system downtime, all of which will contribute to a more reliable and efficient service for users.
  • ObjectiveEnhance stability and resilience in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Key ResultImprove disaster recovery success rate to 95% by enhancing resiliency plans
  • TaskDevelop and implement improvements to increase plan resiliency
  • TaskRegularly test and adjust plans as necessary
  • TaskPerform a thorough assessment of current disaster recovery plans
  • Key ResultReduce average client-side VDI errors by 20% through software updates and troubleshooting guides
  • TaskTrain clients on using troubleshooting guides
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive troubleshooting guides for common errors
  • TaskImplement regular software updates on client-side VDI systems
  • Key ResultDecrease system downtime by 30% through infrastructure optimization and redundancy implementation
  • TaskConduct a comprehensive assessment of the existing infrastructure
  • TaskOptimize system operations for improved functionality
  • TaskImplement redundancy systems to assure uninterrupted operation
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