OKR template to conduct comprehensive competitive analysis with SEMrush

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The objective in this OKR is to perform an extensive competitive analysis using SEMrush. The expected outcomes include creating an interactive SEMrush report dashboard for stakeholders, researching the keyword rankings of 10 competitors each week, and taking part in two advanced SEMrush technique training courses. The intent is to improve data-driven decision-making based on competitors' performance.

The key actions or initiatives to achieve the desired outcomes range from learning SEMrush's dashboard creation features, designing a customized report, and preparing a presentation for stakeholders. Furthermore, it includes monitoring competitors' keyword rankings, generating weekly reports of the findings, and identifying the top competitors in the business.

For enhanced learning, the team may study the session materials in advance, register for online training sessions, and designate time blocks to attend them. Each of these actions contributes toward yielding a 100% score on achieving the set OKR.

The OKR pivots around utilizing SEMrush to its fullest potential in delineating competition. The user needs to familiarise themselves with SEMrush's mechanisms to monitor, analyze, and report competitors' performance effectively.
  • ObjectiveConduct comprehensive competitive analysis with SEMrush
  • Key ResultCreate and present an interactive SEMrush reporting dashboard for stakeholders by week 4
  • TaskLearn to use SEMrush's dashboard creation features
  • TaskDesign and customize a comprehensive SEMrush report
  • TaskPrepare a presentation explaining the dashboard to stakeholders
  • Key ResultAnalyze 10 competitors' keyword ranking using SEMrush per week
  • TaskUtilize SEMrush to monitor each competitor's keyword rankings
  • TaskGenerate a weekly report summarizing the findings
  • TaskIdentify the top 10 competitors for your business
  • Key ResultAttend two SEMrush training sessions for learning advanced analysing techniques
  • TaskReview session materials in advance for better understanding
  • TaskRegister for two SEMrush training sessions online
  • TaskSchedule time blocks to participate in the sessions
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