OKR template to enhance analysis and implementations of Power BI Reports

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The OKR revolves around enhancing the capability to analyze and implement Power BI Reports. The foremost objective is to conduct three distinct training sessions dedicated to empower the team with Power BI tools. Key features of Power BI that need focus will be highlighted, a plan will be mapped out, and finally, the planned sessions will be executed.

The next objective is to implement ten fresh, insightful suggestions pertaining to the improvement of business intelligence reporting. To achieve this, the initiative includes gathering ten innovative enhancement suggestions, identifying the sub-standard existing reports, and incorporating changes following the suggestions.

Additionally, a critical focus area is improving the data accuracy in Power BI reports. The target is to bring down the error rate by a significant 20%. Several initiatives have been planned for this, such as implementing stringent data entry validation checks, conducting a rigorous quality check for the data in existing reports, and imparting training on correct data handling protocols to all employees.

Lastly, by successfully achieving these objectives, the overall quality, efficiency, and accuracy of Power BI reports are expected to improve. This will enable better decision-making processes, thereby leading to a significant boost in business operations and overall performance metrics.
  • ObjectiveEnhance analysis and implementations of Power BI Reports
  • Key ResultConduct three training sessions to boost team efficiency with Power BI
  • TaskIdentify key Power BI features that need to be focused on in training
  • TaskPlan out three comprehensive Power BI training sessions
  • TaskSchedule and administer the three Power BI training sessions
  • Key ResultImplement 10 new insightful suggestions for business intelligence reporting improvements
  • TaskGather 10 innovative suggestions for enhancements
  • TaskIdentify existing reports that need improvement
  • TaskImplement suggested changes into reports
  • Key ResultImprove accuracy in Power BI reports data by reducing error rate by 20%
  • TaskImplement strict validation checks for data entry
  • TaskConduct a detailed data quality assessment for existing reports
  • TaskTrain employees on proper data handling procedures
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