OKR template to improve Employee Experience

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This OKR is aimed at enhancing the overall experience of employees within an organization. The main objective is to introduce new professional growth plans for the staff, aiming at implementing a minimum of three such programs. There is also a focus on raising worker contentment, revealed through a 10-point increase in the satisfaction score in the quarterly engagement survey.

A key goal is to respond to any employee's inquiries or concerns in less than 24 hours. Several measures are put in place towards this end such as bringing in an automatic ticketing system, and formulating standard response templates. This system aims to make the problem-solving process more proficient by persistently training the staff and refining the internal communication avenues.

The OKR also targets decreasing staff turnover by 5% than that of the previous quarter. To achieve this, strategies include improving communication channels to make employees feel valued and appreciated in their roles, and introducing a recognition and rewards scheme to energize and retain employees.

Lastly, the organization will hold exit interviews to pinpoint the primary reasons behind employees leaving their roles. This will aid in enhancing staff training and development programs to improve job contentment and hence reduce the turnover rate.
  • ObjectiveImprove Employee Experience
  • Key ResultImplement at least 3 new employee development programs to enhance professional growth
  • Key ResultIncrease employee satisfaction score by 10 points on quarterly engagement survey
  • Key ResultAchieve an average response time of under 24 hours for employee inquiries and concerns
  • TaskImplement an automated ticketing system to prioritize and assign employee inquiries efficiently
  • TaskCreate standardized response templates to expedite resolution of common employee concerns
  • TaskConduct regular training sessions to enhance employee support team's response time and efficiency
  • TaskStreamline internal communication channels to ensure prompt receipt and review of employee inquiries
  • Key ResultDecrease employee turnover rate by 5% compared to previous quarter
  • TaskImprove communication channels to ensure employees feel heard and valued in their roles
  • TaskImplement a recognition and rewards program to boost employee motivation and retention
  • TaskConduct exit interviews to identify the main reasons behind employee turnover
  • TaskEnhance employee training and development programs to improve job satisfaction
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