OKR template to enhance application design by solution architect review

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR aims to enhance application design through a review conducted by a solution architect. The first objective involves a thorough analysis of existing application design flaws. This objective will involve the initiatives of understanding the flaws' impact on user experience, identifying possible areas of improvement, and creating a plan to correct the noted flaws.

The second objective involves collaboration with the development team to suggest and implement design improvements. The initiatives in this section include drafting proposed design enhancements and organizing a meeting with the development team to discuss these planned improvements. Project oversight during the implementation of agreed-upon design changes is also a critical initiative of this goal.

Tracking the impact of the changes on the overall system performance forms the third objective. Key actions will include documenting variations in performance linked to the design changes, monitoring system performance before and after implementing the modifications, and conducting system testing to evaluate the effectiveness of the changes.

In summary, this OKR is designed to boost the application's design and performance through a meticulous review process by the solution architect. It involves the comprehensive analysis of present flaws, collaboration for design improvements, and tracking the design changes' overall impact on system performance.
  • ObjectiveEnhance application design by solution architect review
  • Key ResultConduct in-depth analysis of current application design flaws
  • TaskAnalyze identified flaws and their impacts on user experience
  • TaskIdentify potential areas of improvement in the application design
  • TaskDevelop a plan to address and fix noted design flaws
  • Key ResultCollaborate with development team to propose and implement design improvements
  • TaskDraft proposed design improvements for team review
  • TaskOversee implementation of agreed-upon design changes
  • TaskOrganize meeting with development team to discuss design enhancements
  • Key ResultTrack and evaluate impact of design changes on overall system performance
  • TaskAnalyze and document performance variations tied to design changes
  • TaskMonitor system performance before and after design changes implementation
  • TaskRun system testing for evaluating design modifications' effectiveness
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