OKR template to design and launch a production unit application

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The OKR revolves around designing and launching a production unit application. First, it involves identifying and documenting the production unit's needs and specifications, which can be achieved through initiatives such as interviews with the unit's teams and compiling final documentation.

The second objective is to design and develop an application prototype. This includes not only creating a detailed design but also testing the prototype for functionality and making necessary adjustments. The timeline for this objective is set at week 8.

The final objective aims to deploy the new application in the production unit by the 12th week. The initiatives to fulfil this objective include finalizing application development, performing thorough testing, training users, and scheduling the application's deployment.

Overall, the OKR sets a structured timeline with detailed initiatives to ensure that a production unit's application is well-designed, functional, and properly implemented.
  • ObjectiveDesign and launch a production unit application
  • Key ResultIdentify and document production unit needs and specifications by end of Week 4
  • TaskConduct interviews with production unit teams
  • TaskAnalyze and list unit needs and specifications
  • TaskCompile and finalize documentation by Week 4
  • Key ResultDesign, develop, and test the application prototype for functionality by Week 8
  • TaskDevelop the proposed prototype based on the design
  • TaskConduct thorough functionality tests on the prototype
  • TaskCreate detailed design for application prototype
  • Key ResultSuccessfully deploy the new application in the production unit by Week 12
  • TaskFinalize application development and perform thorough testing by Week 9
  • TaskComplete user training for new application usage by Week 10
  • TaskSchedule and execute application deployment in the production unit for Week 12
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