OKR template to validate MVP's success with the target audience

public-lib · Published 27 days ago

The OKR aims to validate the Minimum Viable Product's (MVP) success with the target audience by focusing on three key objectives. The first objective seeks to obtain a 70% positive feedback rate from potential customers about the MVP, actions including soliciting feedback, developing a customer feedback system, and continual analysis and improvement.

The second objective involves conducting 50 customer interviews as a barometer of interest in the MVP. This requires the creation of an insightful questionnaire, selection of respondents, and execution of the interviews.

The third objective is about minimizing project risk before product launch. This is accomplished by performing weekly product testing sessions to identify and mitigate the top three riskiest assumptions. The initiatives involve identification of potential risks, routine product testing sessions, and active risk mitigation.

Achieving these objectives will yield valuable insights, help to refine the MVP, and evade potential product risks. It involves a significant amount of data collection, consumer engagement and inter-department coordination.
  • ObjectiveValidate MVP's success with the target audience
  • Key ResultObtain a 70% positive feedback rate from potential customers about the MVP
  • TaskEngage with customers to encourage feedback submission
  • TaskDevelop and implement a customer feedback system for MVP
  • TaskRegularly analyze feedback and make necessary improvements
  • Key ResultConduct 50 customer interviews to assess their interest in our MVP
  • TaskConduct the customer interviews
  • TaskCreate a questionnaire to assess MVP interest
  • TaskIdentify 50 existing customers for the interview
  • Key ResultIdentify and address top three riskiest assumptions via weekly product testing sessions
  • TaskDetermine top three riskiest assumptions
  • TaskOrganize weekly product testing sessions
  • TaskEvaluate and mitigate identified risks
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