OKR template to enhance security measures to mitigate OTP attacks

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This OKR has the main goal of enhancing security measures to combat OTP attacks. It is approached through four key objectives; reducing unauthorized access attempts by enhancing account lockout mechanisms, increasing employee awareness and adherence to security protocols via regular training, improving OTP delivery and verification for swift and secure conveyance, and implementing multi-factor authentication for all critical systems and user accounts.

One key progress measured towards this goal is reduction of unauthorized attempts by 50%. Strategies, to achieve this will include refining account lockout mechanisms. Another major progress is boosting employee adherence to security protocols, fulfilled through recurring trainings, incentives, up-to-date security guidelines, and engaging training methods.

An additional target is to improve OTP delivery and verification methods, ensuring prompt and secure transmission. Finally, multi-factor authentication for integral systems and user accounts will be introduced. A comprehensive inventory of systems and accounts will be conducted, alongside selection and implementation of a user-friendly solution, regular log reviews and required user training.

At the end of these campaigns, the organisation aims to be more secure from OTP attacks through better account security mechanisms, security-conscious employees, enhanced OTP delivery and authentication systems and widespread implementation of multi-factor authentication.
  • ObjectiveEnhance security measures to mitigate OTP attacks
  • Key ResultReduce unauthorized access attempts by 50% through enhanced account lockout mechanisms
  • Key ResultIncrease employee awareness and adherence to security protocols through regular training sessions
  • TaskConduct bi-weekly security training sessions for all employees
  • TaskOffer incentives or rewards for employees who consistently demonstrate adherence to security protocols
  • TaskProvide employees with updated written materials outlining security protocols
  • TaskUtilize interactive training methods, such as quizzes or simulations, to engage employees
  • Key ResultImprove OTP delivery and verification mechanisms to ensure prompt and secure delivery
  • Key ResultImplement multi-factor authentication for all critical systems and user accounts
  • TaskSelect and implement a reliable and user-friendly multi-factor authentication solution
  • TaskRegularly monitor and review multi-factor authentication logs and make necessary enhancements
  • TaskNotify all users of the upcoming implementation and provide necessary training and guidelines
  • TaskConduct a thorough inventory of all critical systems and user accounts
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