OKR template to enhance the organization's cybersecurity infrastructure

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR is focused on enhancing the organization's cybersecurity infrastructure. The first objective is to implement multi-factor authentication across all internal systems by the end of Q2. Several initiatives will be undertaken to bring about this change, including assessment of current methods and selection of an appropriate multi-factor solution.

The second objective pertains to increasing cybersecurity awareness among employees. A minimum of 90% of all employees will be mandated to participate in cybersecurity training programs. This involves identifying key cybersecurity principles, organizing training schedules and evaluating post-training comprehension and application.

The third objective aims to institute a rigorous system vulnerability assessment. It seeks to ensure that the system undergoes weekly checks for any security gaps or vulnerabilities, and fixes are implemented immediately, keeping cyber safety at an optimum level.

Finally, the results for each objective will be measured on a scale from 0.0 to 100.0. The progress towards these objectives will be analyzed to ensure the right measures are taken and any roadblocks are overcome quickly.
  • ObjectiveEnhance the organization's cybersecurity infrastructure
  • Key ResultImplement multi-factor authentication for all internal systems by the end of Q2
  • TaskImplement selected multi-factor authentication solution
  • TaskAssess current authentication methods across all systems
  • TaskIdentify suitable multi-factor authentication solutions
  • Key ResultConduct cybersecurity training programs for 90% of employees
  • TaskIdentify the key cybersecurity principles for training content
  • TaskOrganize training schedules for employees
  • TaskEvaluate post-training comprehension and application
  • Key ResultCarry out system vulnerability assessment every week to spot and fix any gaps
  • TaskImplement necessary fixes to detected vulnerabilities immediately
  • TaskAnalyze assessment results to identify security gaps
  • TaskSchedule weekly system vulnerability assessments
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