OKR template to achieve significant reduction in operations cost

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This OKR aims to substantially reduce operational costs. A major objective is lowering the monthly overhead expense by at least 10%. Strategies identified to achieve this include the elimination of unnecessary services or subscriptions, negotiating lower costs with vendors, and implementing energy-efficient practices in office operations.

The second objective targets cost reduction in material procurement. This involves sourcing 20% of materials from lower-cost suppliers, without compromising quality. The strategy laid out includes transitioning orders, ensuring material quality through tests, and identifying potential low-cost yet high-quality suppliers.

The third objective focuses on labor cost reduction through process automation. It involves identifying three operations processes that are suitable for automation. Steps to actualize this include researching and selecting the appropriate automation software, and training staff on how to use the new automation tools.

Overall, these objectives are directed towards achieving significant cost reduction, improving efficiency and maintaining quality. The initiatives are strategic and intended to provide a balance between cost management and operational excellence.
  • ObjectiveAchieve significant reduction in operations cost
  • Key ResultDecrease monthly overhead expenses by at least 10%
  • TaskIdentify and eliminate unnecessary services or subscriptions
  • TaskNegotiate lower costs with vendors or suppliers
  • TaskImplement energy-efficient practices in office operations
  • Key ResultProcure 20% of materials from lower-cost suppliers without compromising quality
  • TaskTransition 20% of orders to selected suppliers
  • TaskConduct sample tests to ensure material quality
  • TaskIdentify potential lower-cost suppliers with high-quality materials
  • Key ResultImplement automation in 3 operations processes to save labor cost
  • TaskIdentify 3 operations processes suitable for automation
  • TaskResearch and select suitable automation software
  • TaskTrain staff on new automation tools
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