OKR template to create a widely loved tamagotchi-style video game

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

This OKR focuses on creating a tamagotchi-style video game that is universally loved. The primary objective is to develop an intriguing gameplay loop that keeps players engaged. To realize this, the gameplay mechanics need to be continually refined once initial draft concepts are prototyped.

Next, the OKR seeks to attract a substantial player base - 100,000 active players - using social media promotion. Sharing engaging promotional content, encouraging players to share their experiences online, and running targeted ad campaigns will contribute to this outcome.

User satisfaction is another crucial aspect of this OKR. The objective of achieving a high user satisfaction rating demands regular collection of player feedback and their application in the game's evolution. Game performance needs to be consistently high and improvement-oriented to ensure usability.

Lastly, the OKR promotes continuous improvements, a critical element in ensuring the game remains exciting and retains players. Updating game aspects based on player recommendations and consistently monitoring game performance will support this outcome.
  • ObjectiveCreate a widely loved tamagotchi-style video game
  • Key ResultDesign and develop an engaging gameplay loop by the end of the period
  • TaskDraft initial gameplay loop concepts and mechanics
  • TaskPrototype chosen gameplay loop design
  • TaskTest and refine gameplay loop for engagement
  • Key ResultAttract 100,000 active players by promoting the game on social networks
  • TaskDevelop engaging promotional content for social media platforms
  • TaskEncourage current players to share game experiences online
  • TaskImplement a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • Key ResultObtain a 4.5/5 user satisfaction rating through continuous game improvement and updates
  • TaskCollect player feedback regularly through in-game surveys
  • TaskImplement new updates based on players' suggestions
  • TaskConstantly monitor and improve game performance
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