OKR template to develop a compelling game that engages and captivates players

public-lib · Published about 1 year ago

The primary objective of this OKR is to develop a compelling game that will captivate players. This will be accomplished by creating a functional game prototype with polished graphics and intuitive controls. The controls' effectiveness will be tested and refined by user experience feedback and play testing initiatives.

The next objective is researching target audience preferences and common game themes. This includes creating surveys, conducting interviews, and utilizing the collected data to determine popular preferences or recurring themes. The information gathered from the users will be valuable in developing a game that aligns with their interests.

Thirdly, the OKR highlights the importance of organizing playtesting to assess the game and make design iterations based on player feedback. This ongoing process ensures the game remains user-focused and satisfies the target audience. Finally, a detailed game design document needs to be created outlining the gameplay mechanics, levels, objectives, etc.

The final goal aims to outline gameplay mechanics that form the core experience of the game. Clear objectives need to be defined for each level. The game should feature diverse levels that challenge and engage the players. Documents will be supplemented with research on popular gameplay mechanics and level design techniques.
  • ObjectiveDevelop a compelling game that engages and captivates players
  • Key ResultDevelop a functional prototype of the game with polished graphics and intuitive controls
  • TaskImplement and refine intuitive controls based on user experience and usability testing
  • TaskIterate on the game design based on user feedback and playtesting results
  • TaskConduct user testing to identify any issues with the game controls
  • TaskCollaborate with an artist to create high-quality graphics for the game prototype
  • Key ResultConduct user research to identify target audience preferences and game themes
  • TaskDevelop a survey to gather user feedback on preferred game themes
  • TaskUse findings to inform game theme selection and prioritize target audience preferences
  • TaskConduct interviews with target audience members to understand their preferences
  • TaskAnalyze user research data to identify common themes and preferences
  • Key ResultConduct playtesting sessions to gather feedback and iterate on the game design
  • Key ResultCreate a detailed game design document outlining gameplay mechanics, levels, and objectives
  • TaskOutline basic gameplay mechanics that will define the core experience of the game
  • TaskCreate clear and specific objectives for each level, ensuring they align with gameplay mechanics
  • TaskDesign a series of diverse levels that challenge and engage players
  • TaskResearch popular gameplay mechanics, level design techniques, and objective structures
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