OKR template to raise funds for Water4

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The aim of this OKR is to raise funds for the organization, Water4. One of the key objectives is to secure grants from at least three major foundations focused on funding water initiatives. To achieve this, strategies include research, follow-up communications, and proposal preparation and submission to these foundations.

The second objective is launching a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $1.5 million. This requires developing engaging content for social media, crafting a compelling story about Water4 for the campaign page, and identifying and reaching out to high-value donors who would be interested in supporting this cause.

Another key objective is hosting successful fundraising events. The target is to host at least two events, with a minimum of 300 attendees for each. This undertaking includes identifying a venue, creating and executing a promotional plan, and recruiting volunteers to assist in organizing and executing the events.

All these initiatives aim to secure the financial resources needed to support and expand the activities and projects of Water4. This OKR takes a multi-faceted approach towards fund-raising, combining grant applications, online crowdfunding, and in-person events to achieve the goal.
  • ObjectiveRaise funds for Water4
  • Key ResultSecure grants from 3 major foundations for Water4 projects
  • TaskResearch foundations interested in funding water initiatives
  • TaskEstablish follow-up communications for proposal responses
  • TaskPrepare and submit tailored proposals to selected foundations
  • Key ResultLaunch an online crowdfunding campaign that raises $1.5 million for Water4
  • TaskDevelop engaging promotional content for social media
  • TaskCraft compelling story about Water4 for the campaign page
  • TaskIdentify and reach out to potential high-value donors
  • Key ResultHost 2 successful fundraising events with at least 300 attendees
  • TaskIdentify and secure a venue that can accommodate 300 people
  • TaskCreate and implement a detailed promotional plan
  • TaskRecruit volunteers for event organization and execution
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