OKR template to enhance tactical and strategic leadership skills for software developer team lead

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The primary objective is to heighten tactical and strategic leadership for software developer team leads. This enhancement revolves around three major targets. First is mentorship, where two team members will take micro-leadership roles in the next project. The process will involve regular feedback, sharing responsibilities, and identifying the strengths and growth areas of each member.

The second target is the implementation of new strategies aimed at a minimum 15% increase in team productivity. To achieve this, it will be necessary to develop and communicate novel approaches, identify flaws in current team processes, and monitor productivity increases driven by these new strategies.

The final target is active collaboration with HR to foster attendance in at least three leadership skill workshops or trainings. The initiators will contact HR to inquire about available leadership training opportunities, participate actively in each scheduled workshop, and create schedules convenient for attending these sessions.

By achieving these three outcomes, the software development team leads will develop enhanced tactical and strategic leadership skills. The initiative will result in strengthened team leadership, increased productivity, and heightened job skills due to exposure to professional development opportunities.
  • ObjectiveEnhance tactical and strategic leadership skills for software developer team lead
  • Key ResultMentor 2 team members to take on micro-leadership roles in the next project
  • TaskProvide regular feedback and coaching
  • TaskShare responsibilities and explain expectations clearly
  • TaskIdentify strengths and areas of growth for each team member
  • Key ResultImplement new strategies and witness a minimum 15% increase in team productivity
  • TaskDevelop and communicate new strategies for identified areas
  • TaskIdentify areas in team processes that require improvement
  • TaskMonitor and measure strategy-driven productivity increases
  • Key ResultCollaborate with HR to attend at least 3 leadership skill training or workshops
  • TaskContact HR to inquire about available leadership training opportunities
  • TaskParticipate actively in each workshop session
  • TaskSchedule times to attend three chosen sessions
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