OKR template to increase the achievement of team goals to 70%

public-lib · Published 24 days ago

The OKR aims to increase the achievement of team goals to 70%. To do so, the strategy is to deliver effective coaching weekly to underperforming members, identifying their individual areas for improvement, tracking their weekly progress and providing feedback using personalized plans.

In addition, obstacles standing in the way of goal achievement will be identified and removed. To do this, the team will focus on finding three major obstacles, developing and implementing strategies to overcome each of them.

Also, a new project management tool will be implemented to enhance team productivity. This will involve researching and selecting a suitable tool, training all team members to use it effectively, and monitoring and evaluating improvements to team productivity after its implementation.

Integrating these initiatives will not only help underperforming team members improve but also remove hurdles preventing goal achievement and improve overall team productivity.
  • ObjectiveIncrease the achievement of team goals to 70%
  • Key ResultDeliver effective coaching to underperforming team members every week
  • TaskImplement weekly coaching sessions, track progress and give feedback
  • TaskIdentify areas for improvement in each underperforming team member's performance
  • TaskDevelop personalized coaching plans for each underperforming member
  • Key ResultIdentify and eliminate three major obstacles hindering goal achievement
  • TaskImplement strategies to remove obstacles
  • TaskDevelop strategies to overcome these obstacles
  • TaskIdentify three major obstacles to goal achievement
  • Key ResultImplement new project management tool to enhance team productivity
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate team productivity improvements post-implementation
  • TaskTrain all team members on using the tool effectively
  • TaskResearch and select the right project management tool
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