OKR template to obtain ISO certification for our organization

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The primary goal is to acquire an ISO certification for the organization, demonstrating commitment to quality and adherence to internationally recognized standards. Immediate objectives include completing ISO application documentation flawlessly, without any errors or omissions, thereby enhancing the possibility of a successful application.

The next objective is passing the ISO audit without any non-conformity. This involves not just adhering to ISO standards, but also training staff about these standards and their importance, running regular internal audits to spot and correct potential problems that could lead to non-conformity issues.

Another significant goal is to train almost all employees about ISO standards and requirements. This is crucial as widespread awareness and understanding of these standards across the organization is key to operating within ISO guidelines. To achieve this, suitable training programs will be identified, and progress will be tracked.

The last initiative is to keep a track record of individual employee advancement closely. This would include which employees have attended training sessions and whether they've understood the guidelines. Progress documentation will ensure that the target of 90% trained employees is met.
  • ObjectiveObtain ISO certification for our organization
  • Key ResultComplete ISO application documentation with 100% accuracy
  • TaskDouble check for 100% accuracy before final submission
  • TaskEnsure error-free, precise entries in ISO application
  • TaskCompile all necessary info and data for ISO application
  • Key ResultPass ISO audit with zero non-compliance issues
  • TaskEnsure all processes follow established ISO standards and guidelines
  • TaskTrain staff on importance of ISO compliance and audit guidelines
  • TaskConduct regular internal audits to identify and rectify potential issues
  • Key ResultTrain 90% of employees on ISO requirements and standards
  • TaskSchedule ISO training sessions for all employees
  • TaskIdentify suitable ISO training programs for the employees
  • TaskTrack and document individual employee progress
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