OKR template to streamline ticket resolution process in DACH region

public-lib · Published 28 days ago

The OKR focuses on optimizing the ticket resolution process, aiming to reduce the average response time by 30%. This could be achieved by introducing more efficient ticket handling procedures, training staff for better problem-solving and implementing an effective ticket prioritization system.

In addition to that, it aims for the entire support team to be trained on new procedural changes. To make this happen, comprehensive training materials are to be developed, company-wide training sessions are to be held, and the employees' completion status should be tracked.

Another objective is to standardize procedures for 90% of the most common problems. The initiatives under this objective involve identifying the most common business issues, developing standard procedures to address these issues, and training the staff on using these procedures.

Implementing this OKR in the DACH region represents an attempt to manage tickets more effectively, improve customer service, and enhance business operations in the region by predominantly focusing on training and procedure implementation.
  • ObjectiveStreamline ticket resolution process in DACH region
  • Key ResultReduce average ticket resolution time by 30%
  • TaskImplement more efficient ticket handling procedures
  • TaskProvide advanced problem-solving training to staff
  • TaskIntroduce effective ticket prioritization system
  • Key ResultTrain 100% of the support team on new procedural changes
  • TaskCreate comprehensive training materials for the procedural changes
  • TaskSchedule company-wide trainings for support team
  • TaskTrack and confirm individual completions
  • Key ResultImplement standard procedures for 90% of common issues
  • TaskDevelop standard procedures to address these issues
  • TaskIdentify the top common issues affecting the business
  • TaskTrain staff on implementing these procedures
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