OKR template to develop an authoritative business legal guide

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The main goal of this OKR is to develop a comprehensive business legal guide. The guide is aimed at being used and appreciated by 70% of the company staff in the first two weeks after launch. To ensure this, it's essential to identify and fix any bugs reported by users, track usage metrics, analyze, report, and assess post-launch satisfaction through surveys.

The development of the guide involves compiling and structuring information in an ordered and comprehensible way after its been proof-read. Key actions include the addition of a table of contents and references, organization of information into relevant sections or chapters, and inclusion of summaries, tables, and images for clarity.

An integral part of compiling the guide is conducting extensive research on business-related legal considerations. This is to be done by interviewing 10 lawyers who specialize in different industries. This action plan comprises preparing a comprehensive set of legal-centric interview questions, conducting and recording these interviews, and finally identifying 10 industry-specific lawyers for the interviews.

Conclusively, the development of the guide not only equips the staff members with legal knowledge relevant to their fields but also provides a tested and efficient means of information access and absorption through its organized structure and detailed content.
  • ObjectiveDevelop an authoritative business legal guide
  • Key ResultEnsure usage and satisfaction from 70% of the company within two weeks post-launch
  • TaskIdentify and fix bugs reported by users
  • TaskTrack usage metrics, analyze and report
  • TaskImplement post-launch satisfaction survey and compile responses
  • Key ResultCompile and structure information into a comprehensive guide post-proofreading
  • TaskAdd a table of contents and references
  • TaskOrganize information into relevant sections or chapters
  • TaskInclude summaries, tables, and images for clarity
  • Key ResultConduct research on legal considerations for businesses by interviewing 10 industry-specific lawyers
  • TaskPrepare comprehensive legal-centric interview questions
  • TaskConduct and record the lawyer interviews
  • TaskIdentify 10 industry-specific lawyers for interviews
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