OKR template to ensure shadow IT alignment with corporate policy

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The OKR focuses on aligning shadow IT with corporate policies. Shadow IT refers to IT resources used within a company without organizational approval. Key results include identifying, analyzing, and documenting compliance gaps in shadow IT initiatives, setting a target of 70% of such initiatives.

To ensure compliance, the next objective is to implement changes in non-compliant shadow IT projects, aiming to adjust around 50% of them in line with company policies. Steps involved are identifying non-compliant projects, drafting and implementing compliant changes.

Furthermore, a task is set to identify all shadow IT initiatives by the end of week 2. This necessitates a thorough investigation across the organization, detecting unknown network activities or any unapproved software systems being used by employees.

Conclusively, the OKR emphasizes proper identification and rectification of shadow IT projects not in line with company policies. This is a vital step towards preventing potential risks and ensuring robust and streamlined IT operations across the organization.
  • ObjectiveEnsure shadow IT alignment with corporate policy
  • Key ResultAnalyze and document compliance gaps in 70% of identified shadow IT initiatives
  • TaskIdentify 70% of existing shadow IT initiatives
  • TaskEvaluate these initiatives for compliance gaps
  • TaskDocument all identified compliance gaps
  • Key ResultImplement policy-compliant changes in 50% of non-compliant shadow IT projects
  • TaskImplement changes in identified projects
  • TaskDraft policy-compliant changes for identified projects
  • TaskIdentify 50% of non-compliant shadow IT projects
  • Key ResultIdentify all shadow IT initiatives by end of week 2
  • TaskCompile a report of all discoveries
  • TaskAnalyze network traffic for unknown applications
  • TaskSurvey employees about unapproved software or systems they're using
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