OKR template to uncover and articulate the 'as-is' process accurately

public-lib · Published 28 days ago

The OKR aims to uncover and articulate the 'as-is' process accurately. Task details, resources used, and stakeholders are to be documented by week 4. The OKR emphasizes identifying the key tasks and activities forming the process. This objective also includes organizing the gathered information within the fourth week.

The second part of the OKR focuses on creating a presentable, comprehensive report that describes the 'as-is' process accurately. The gather and analyze current process data are prioritized first. Creating the report's structure or outline will be carried out next, which will lead to preparing, finalizing, and presenting the report by the sixth week.

The process and steps that need completion are clearly outlined and broken down to less complex tasks. Stakeholders and resources for each task will have to be identified. Details of each task have to be written down after which all the information collected will be organized by week 4.

This OKR also includes identification of all significant tasks and activities by week 2. All related tasks are to be listed in a checklist. Definition of the process will take place with all tasks scheduled for week 2.
  • ObjectiveUncover and articulate the 'as-is' process accurately
  • Key ResultDocument details of each task including stakeholders and resources used by week 4
  • TaskIdentify stakeholders and resources for each task
  • TaskWrite down the details of each task
  • TaskOrganize information by week 4
  • Key ResultCreate a comprehensive presentable report detailing the 'as-is' process by week 6
  • TaskLastly, prepare and finalize the report by week 6
  • TaskFirst, gather and analyze current process data
  • TaskSecond, create outline for the report structure
  • Key ResultIdentify all key tasks and activities forming the process by week 2
  • TaskCreate a checklist of all related tasks
  • TaskDefine the process needing task identification
  • TaskSchedule tasks and activities for week 2
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