OKR template to improve user acquisition through targeted referral programs

Tability Templates · Published about 1 year ago

We aim to increase the number of users by implementing targeted referral programs that attract people who are most likely to become active members of our platform. We will analyze our existing user base and their behaviors to identify the most successful types of referrals and develop strategies to incentivize these referrals. By improving our user acquisition through targeted referral programs, we will increase our reach and achieve greater success.
  • ObjectiveIncrease user acquisition through targeted referral programs
  • Key ResultAnalyze referral data to optimize and improve future campaigns
  • Key ResultLaunch 3 new referral campaigns with personalized incentives
  • Key ResultIncrease referral conversion rate by 20% through A/B testing
  • Key ResultAchieve 50% growth in referred users compared to last quarter
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