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The OKR is aimed at boosting the efficacy of documentation usage within the organization. The first objective seeks to augment the average time spent on reading documentation by making it more user-friendly, interactive, visually stimulating, and contextually relevant. The ultimate goal is to achieve a 100% increase in reading time per week.

The second objective focuses on using documentation as a primary tool for resolving complex operational issues. Thus, it calls for making the documents easily accessible and well-organised, updating them regularly, training employees on their usage, and monitoring document usage trends. The goal is to resort to documentation for resolution of complexities in 80% of the cases.

Thirdly, having set impressive documentation goals, it seeks to ensure that progress against these goals delights both team members and managers. This requires the regular communication of updated documents, soliciting feedback on their usefulness and clarity, and promoting their utilization for decision making. Success is linked to getting appreciated for these initiatives.

Lastly, it underscores the importance of adopting a learning approach to enhance documentation and knowledge management skills. This involves enrolling and completing 4 related online courses that enrich different aspects of documentation and acknowledging knowledge learned from such exercise towards improving existing practices.
  • ObjectiveImprove documentation utilization
  • Key ResultIncrease average time spent on reading documentation by 15 minutes per week
  • TaskCreate a user-friendly index for easy navigation within the documentation
  • TaskIncorporate interactive elements such as quizzes to engage readers in the documentation
  • TaskUse visual aids like diagrams and infographics to enhance comprehension of the content
  • TaskProvide concise and relevant examples throughout the documentation to clarify concepts
  • Key ResultUtilize documentation for problem resolution in at least 80% of complex cases
  • TaskEnsure that comprehensive documentation is easily accessible and organized for reference
  • TaskRegularly update and maintain documentation to reflect the latest information and procedures
  • TaskTrain employees on effectively utilizing documentation for problem resolution
  • TaskImplement a system to track and monitor the usage of documentation for problem resolution
  • Key ResultReceive positive feedback on increased documentation utilization from peer or manager
  • TaskSet achievable goals for increasing documentation utilization and track progress
  • TaskShare updated documentation with peers and manager regularly
  • TaskRequest feedback and suggestions on the usefulness and clarity of the documentation
  • TaskEncourage peers to utilize the documentation by highlighting its benefits
  • Key ResultComplete at least 4 online courses related to documentation and knowledge management
  • TaskEnroll in each of the selected courses and complete the required modules and assignments
  • TaskChoose 4 online courses that cover different aspects of documentation and knowledge management
  • TaskTake notes and apply acquired knowledge to improve current documentation and knowledge management practices
  • TaskSearch for online platforms offering courses related to documentation and knowledge management
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