OKR template to establish a robust internal investor relations framework

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The OKR is primarily focused on establishing an internal investor relations framework. This will be achieved through direct communication with internal stakeholders, where the strategy will be explained. To facilitate this, over ten meetings will be organized through online platforms or in person and a detailed presentation will be prepared outlining the strategy.

The OKR also emphasizes the importance of having a dedicated investor relations manager onboard. The manager should hold relevant experience in the field. The process of shortlisting, interviewing, and selecting a suitable candidate is suggested, along with advertising the position on ideal recruitment platforms.

An essential part of this framework is creating and implementing a comprehensive investor relations strategy. This needs to be completed by the end of Q1. To accomplish this objective, the key insights and relevant information for the strategy are to be identified initially. This will then be used to draft and finalize the strategy document.

Finally, this OKR suggests the identification of relevant stakeholders, planning necessary meetings, preparing a detailed presentation of the strategy, and defining the investor relations manager role, skills, and experience needed. All these tasks are critical sides to setting up a robust internal investor relations framework.
  • ObjectiveEstablish a robust internal investor relations framework
  • Key ResultOrganize 10+ meetings with internal stakeholders to communicate the strategy
  • TaskIdentify relevant stakeholders for strategy communication
  • TaskSchedule 10+ meetings via online platform or in person
  • TaskPrepare a detailed strategy presentation
  • Key ResultIdentify and onboard a dedicated investor relations manager with relevant experience
  • TaskShortlist, interview, and select a qualified individual
  • TaskAdvertise the position on ideal recruitment platforms
  • TaskDefine the role, skills, and experience needed for the position
  • Key ResultCreate a comprehensive investor relations strategy document by end of Q1
  • TaskIdentify key insights and information for the strategy document
  • TaskDraft document outlining investor relations strategy
  • TaskFinalize and proofread document before deadline
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