OKR template to increase design competency and productivity for high-quality outputs

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This OKR revolves around the title "Increase design competency and productivity for high-quality outputs". The main objectives are to increase satisfaction rating from internal teams, complete a comprehensive graphic design course, and increase the number of design projects. This will be achieved through a variety of initiatives designed to improve the skills and productivity of the design team.

The first key result is to attain and keep a high satisfaction rating from other teams within the company. The pathways to this involve running regular feedback surveys after every design project, making improvements based on the feedback received, and constantly upskilling the design team.

The second major target is to successfully complete a top-notch graphic design course with a score of 85% or more. The strategy for achieving this involves scheduling regular study hours, enrolling in reputable graphic design courses, and timely completion of all tasks and exams.

The final key result involves increasing the number of design projects by at least 15% compared to the previous quarter. To do this, the design team will need to enhance their weekly design output, invest in new software to make the design process more efficient, and delegate minor tasks to free up more time for design production.
  • ObjectiveIncrease design competency and productivity for high-quality outputs
  • Key ResultAttain and maintain a 90% satisfaction rating from internal teams for all design projects
  • TaskConduct regular feedback surveys with internal teams after each project
  • TaskImplement suggested improvements from feedback promptly and efficiently
  • TaskProvide continuous training and development for the design team
  • Key ResultComplete a comprehensive graphic design course with 85% or higher score
  • TaskSchedule regular study hours for course materials
  • TaskEnroll in a reputable graphic design course
  • TaskComplete all assignments and exams timely
  • Key ResultProduce 15% more design projects as compared to last quarter
  • TaskIncrease weekly design output through efficient time management strategies
  • TaskInvest in new design software to streamline workflow
  • TaskDelegate smaller tasks to free up design production time
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