OKRs to land and expand through product stickiness

Tability Templates · Published about 1 year ago

Whether you're coming at this from a customer success, growth, sales or a product perspective these KRs can be good indications of how well your product is sticking and growing with customers. Churn is something you should always be tracking and the most obvious indicator of stickiness. How many customers are leaving your product? Taking a deeper look at these accounts and finding out why people leave can be a huge advantage in finding product fit too.

ARPC(average revenue per customer) can be a good way of calculating how well your product is expanding within an org. By spreading to more users, it's an easy way to gain revenue organically vs. trying to sell a new account.

Some people are skeptical about NPS(Net promoter scores) as they can have skewed results. But more data the better, and even with skewed results, it can be a seamless way to get feedback and gauge general happiness.

  • ObjectiveLand and expand through product stickiness
  • Key ResultReduce churn rate by 50%
  • Key ResultDouble our ARPC(Average revenue per customer)
  • Key ResultIncrease NPS rating by 10
  • Key ResultImprove results of Onboarding survey by 25%

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