OKR template to accumulate 3 million rand in total quote value

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The overarching goal is to accumulate a total quote value of 3 million rand. This objective is being approached with three distinct strategies. Firstly, they aim to raise the average quote value by 5% per month which involves offering premium services and training sales staff in negotiation skills and upselling.

Secondly, they aim to widen their reach by offering quotes to 50 new prospects on a weekly basis. Their initiatives in achieving this target include diligent follow-ups on quotes and consistent identification and gathering of fresh leads and contacts every week. Personalization of quotes to targeted individuals is also an important initiative.

Thirdly, they want to secure pre-commitments from 10 high potential clients that can bring significant business. This involves crafting compelling business proposals for each client, targeted identification of such high-value potential clients and communicating the proposal directly to these clients, with the aim of securing a pre-commitment.

These strategies work together to bring in more prospects, enlarge the value of each transaction, and secure high value businesses – all contributing to the attainment of the 3 million rand target.
  • ObjectiveAccumulate 3 million rand in total quote value
  • Key ResultImprove average quote value by 5% each month
  • TaskOffer premium service packages alongside regular quotes
  • TaskProvide training on negotiation skills for sales staff
  • TaskImplement upselling techniques during customer interactions
  • Key ResultIncrease quote frequency to 50 new prospects weekly
  • TaskFollow up with prospects on quotes consistently every week
  • TaskIdentify and gather contact info for 50 new leads every week
  • TaskSend personalized quotes to 50 targeted prospects weekly
  • Key ResultSecure pre-commitments from 10 major potential clients
  • TaskDevelop a compelling business proposal relevant to each client
  • TaskIdentify and compile a list of 10 potential major clients
  • TaskPersonally communicate the proposal, seeking pre-commitments from each client
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