OKR template to hire top-level Senior UX Researcher

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The OKR titled "Hire top-level Senior UX Researcher" underlines the aim to recruit a high-quality UX Researcher. It provides a time-bound plan which is divided into weeks. The plan begins with defining the job description and requirements by the end of week two.

The second phase of the plan involves shortlisting suitable applications. Ten appropriate candidates should be identified by the fourth week. This process will follow a comprehensive job ad campaign and a thorough daily assessment of all applications received.

The next component aims to conduct interviews and finalize a potential candidate's offer by the end of week eight. The completion of this phase involves crafting a list of potential interviewees, scheduling and conducting interviews, and finally proposing the offer to the selected candidate.

The OKR emphasized the strategic planning needed to attract and hire a top-grade Senior UX Researcher. The entire process underscores the critical need for a meticulous and methodical approach in selecting potential candidates based on qualifications, skills and their alignment to the strategic growth plan of the organization.
  • ObjectiveHire top-level Senior UX Researcher
  • Key ResultScreen and shortlist at least 10 suitable candidates by week 4
  • TaskLaunch a comprehensive job ad campaign immediately
  • TaskShortlist 10 suitable candidates by week 4
  • TaskReview all received applications daily
  • Key ResultConduct interviews and make an offer to the selected candidate by week 8
  • TaskCompile a list of potential interview candidates
  • TaskSchedule and conduct interviews
  • TaskSelect and make offer to chosen candidate
  • Key ResultDefine clear job description and requirements for the UX Researcher role by week 2
  • TaskDetail daily responsibilities and tasks for role
  • TaskOutline necessary qualifications and skills for UX Researcher role
  • TaskInclude long-term goals and expectations for position
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