OKR template to ensure timely submission of Financial Statements (FS)

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The OKR is aimed at ensuring the prompt creation and submission of Financial Statements (FS). The steps to achieve this objective include the implementation of a tracking system designed to closely monitor this process. Not only will this system be put into place, but it will also be researched, selected, and the key stages in the FS process will be defined.

Another step towards this objective is the striving for a 25% improvement in the efficiency of the FS preparation. This will make the process quicker and more streamlined. To achieve this improvement in efficiency, the responsible parties will conduct training for staff focused on FS preparation, the integration of automating tech into the process, and better organizational practices.

A further objective is to strictly adhere to pre-set dates for the completion of various sections of the FS, lending to a timely completion of the entire statement. To do this, specific completion dates will be established, adjustments will be made as needed to ensure deadlines are met, and frequent reviews of progress will be conducted.

In conclusion, all these objectives and initiatives aim for improvement in the FS preparation and the establishment of a reliable FS creation and submission process within the organization, which would lead to better financial planning and decision making.
  • ObjectiveEnsure timely submission of Financial Statements (FS)
  • Key ResultImplement a tracking system to monitor FS creation and submission process
  • TaskImplement the chosen tracking system
  • TaskIdentify key stages in the FS creation and submission process
  • TaskResearch potential tracking system options
  • Key ResultImprove efficiency by 25% in terms of time taken for FS preparation
  • TaskConduct FS preparation training for staff efficiency
  • TaskIncorporate technology to automate FS preparation processes
  • TaskImplement better organizational practices for FS preparation
  • Key ResultSet and adhere to pre-scheduled dates for completing sections of the FS
  • TaskSchedule specific completion dates for FS sections
  • TaskMake adjustments as necessary to meet deadlines
  • TaskRegularly review progress towards these dates
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