OKR template to turn users into true fans

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Turning your customers into advocates is not just about getting a better NPS score. You should also make sure you're making everyone happy in an org, instead of a small set of users.

  • Work on increasing usage rate (what percentage of the user base is active).
  • Tackle user satisfaction by first reaching out to users to identify the biggest opportunities.
  • ObjectiveTurn our users into true fans
  • Key ResultIncrease usage rate per account from 40% to 70%
  • TaskPublish best practice guides to help onboard new users
  • TaskInterview 20 customers to understand what's missing for full rollout
  • TaskCreate drip feed to keep users engage with the product
  • Key ResultImprove NPS score from 25 to 50
  • TaskRun UX debt sprint to polish the existing UI
  • TaskSchedule 20 customer interviews to understand gaps in features
  • Key ResultIncrease our G2 Review score from 4.2 to 4.8
  • TaskRead existing reviews and summarize improvement requests
  • TaskTackle top 5 issues mentioned by users
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