OKR template to enhance system security for robust protection

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This OKR aims to enhance system security and robustness. This will be measured by achieving a 95% score in independent security audits and implementing necessary updates and enhancements. Working with external security experts and continuously monitoring the system security to maintain the required audit score is part of the plan.

The OKR also targets a reduction in security breaches by 20% through improved authentication measures. The initiatives proposed include training employees to recognize and avoid phishing attacks, implementing a two-factor authentication system for all users, enhancing password requirements, and conducting regular security audits.

Improving application vulnerability is another key objective. It’s aimed at reducing critical security issues by 15%. The action plan includes secure coding practice training for developers and staff, routine security audits, vulnerability assessments, software updates and stricter access controls for application access.

Increasing employee awareness about security is the last objective and it aims for a 100% completion rate for mandatory security training. This will be achieved by enforcing deadlines for training completion, creating engaging training programs, regular assessments, and providing a digital platform for easy access to training.
  • ObjectiveEnhance system security for robust protection
  • Key ResultAchieve a 95% score in independent security audits validating system security protocols
  • TaskImplement necessary updates and enhancements to address identified security gaps
  • TaskCollaborate with external security experts to perform comprehensive security audits
  • TaskConduct thorough review of current security protocols and identify areas for improvement
  • TaskContinuously monitor and evaluate system security measures to maintain a 95% audit score
  • Key ResultReduce number of security breaches by 20% through enhanced authentication measures
  • TaskTrain employees on best practices for recognizing and avoiding phishing attacks
  • TaskImplement two-factor authentication system for all users
  • TaskEnhance password requirements and enforce regular password updates
  • TaskConduct regular security audits to identify vulnerabilities and address them promptly
  • Key ResultImprove application vulnerability by reducing critical security issues by 15%
  • TaskTrain developers and staff on secure coding practices and security best practices
  • TaskImplement regular security audits and vulnerability assessments on the application
  • TaskUpdate and patch software and libraries regularly to address security vulnerabilities
  • TaskImplement stricter access controls and enforce strong password policies for application access
  • Key ResultIncrease employee awareness through mandatory security training with 100% completion rate
  • TaskEnforce strict deadlines and reminders to ensure all employees complete the security training
  • TaskCreate an engaging and interactive security training program for all employees
  • TaskEvaluate the effectiveness of the security training program by conducting regular assessments
  • TaskImplement a digital platform for employees to easily access and complete security training
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