OKR template to triple our website traffic

Tability Templates · Published over 1 year ago

This Content Marketing OKRs is provided by Gretel.co.

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  • ObjectiveGet 3x more traffic to our website
  • Key ResultIncrease unique page views to 300,000
  • TaskCreate a content marketing plan to promote existing content
  • TaskCreate a targeted email campaign to drive traffic to high-value pages
  • TaskIncrease engagement through social media campaigns
  • TaskMonitor and optimize website performance to improve page loading speed
  • Key ResultImprove ads to get CTR of 5%
  • TaskReview existing ads for relevance and effectiveness
  • TaskAnalyze the best performing ad campaigns for insights
  • TaskCreate new ads with a focus on high-converting keywords
  • TaskTest different ad variations to determine the highest CTR
  • Key ResultGrow blog traffic share to be 30% of all website traffic
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