OKR template to improve data analysis efficacy in higher education using Workday

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The overarching OKR in the YAML file is to enhance effectiveness in data analysis through Workday within higher education settings. The primary focus is increasing pace of data processing, enhancing precision by reducing analytical errors, and upskilling team members on Workday's advanced functionalities.

A critical milestone stated is to accelerate data processing speeds by an ambitious 15%. This is monitored clearly from a benchmark of 0% to a full completion percentage of 100%. However, there are no attached strategies or initiatives to achieve this goal in the YML data.

The second objective targets a reduction in data analysis errors by a significant 20%. This will be achieved by incorporating stringent data scrubbing methods prior to analysis, introducing additional data validation checks into the analytical process, and equipping the teams with advanced error detection strategies. This further reinforces the goal of achieving more accurate data analysis.

A final objective envisions the education of three team members on advanced properties of Workday to facilitate effective utility. Steps to reach this include identifying team members, holding an extensive Workday functionality class, and conducting a post-training evaluation. This objective ultimately aims at optimizing team capacity to effectively utilize the Workday tool.
  • ObjectiveImprove data analysis efficacy in higher education using Workday
  • Key ResultIncrease data processing speed by 15%
  • Key ResultEnhance accuracy of data analysis by reducing errors by 20%
  • TaskImplement rigorous data cleaning procedures before analysis
  • TaskIntroduce data validation checks in analysis process
  • TaskTrain team on advanced error detection methods
  • Key ResultTrain 3 team members on advanced Workday functionalities for better utilization
  • TaskOrganize a comprehensive Workday functionalities training
  • TaskIdentify 3 team members for advanced Workday training
  • TaskEvaluate and provide feedback after the training
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