OKR template to develop core skills for beginner business analyst

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The OKR titled "Develop core skills for beginner business analyst" focuses on enhancing the skillset of a novice business analyst. The primary objectives are to conclusively deliver analysis projects, complete a certified training course, and attend industry webinars. This will be gauged by the successful completion of industry-related projects that showcase the concepts learned.

The first aspect under outcomes seeks to deliver three industry-related analysis projects that incorporate learned concepts. These projects will be selected and completed to manifest the acquired knowledge. Presentation of these projects will be part of measuring the degree of success.

The second aspect demands completing a certified business analyst course with at least an 85% score. The initiatives under this outcome involve consistent study, striving to score 85% or better in the final exam, and enrolling in a certified course. This aims to solidify foundational knowledge in business analysis.

The third aspect revolves around attending five fundamental industry webinars to enhance networking and knowledge. The initiatives for this outcome include registering for chosen webinars, active participation in each webinar, and researching to select webinars aligned with industry relevancy.
  • ObjectiveDevelop core skills for beginner business analyst
  • Key ResultDeliver 3 industry-related analysis projects demonstrating key learned concepts
  • TaskIdentify relevant industry-related topics for analysis projects
  • TaskComplete and present all three analysis projects
  • TaskIncorporate key learned concepts into each project
  • Key ResultComplete a certified business analyst training course with at least 85% score
  • TaskAim to achieve a final exam score of 85% or higher
  • TaskConsistently study course materials for comprehension
  • TaskEnroll in a certified business analyst training course
  • Key ResultAttend 5 relevant industry webinars to improve networking and knowledge
  • TaskAttend and actively participate in each webinar
  • TaskRegister for the chosen webinars
  • TaskResearch and select 5 industry relevant webinars to attend
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