OKR template to boost frequency of customer repeat purchases

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The key objective here is to enhance the frequency of repeat purchases from customers. Three outcomes define success; these include a reduced churn rate by 10%, achieving a 20% increase in repeat purchases, and improving participation in customer loyalty programs by 15%.

Implementing satisfaction surveys, improving the efficiency of customer service and formulating a loyalty and rewards program are initiatives aimed at reducing customer churn. They serve the underlying purpose of identifying customer dissatisfaction areas, amplifying customer needs and encouraging customers to persistently choose the company's services.

To achieve a 20% rise in repeat purchases, the plan involves boosting customer service training, rolling out a loyalty program, and deploying personalized email promotions. These strategies aim to create more compelling interactions with customers, incentivizing repeat purchases through exclusive program benefits and personalized promotions.

Lastly, to enhance the participation in the loyalty program, the initiatives include increased promotion of the program, enriching its exclusive benefits, and initiating referral incentives. This addresses the need to create buzz around the loyalty program and encourage existing members to refer new customers.
  • ObjectiveBoost frequency of customer repeat purchases
  • Key ResultReduce churn rate by 10% within the customer base
  • TaskImplement customer satisfaction surveys to identify problem areas
  • TaskImprove customer service response time and efficiency
  • TaskDevelop a loyalty rewards program to incentivize repeat business
  • Key ResultAchieve a 20% increase in repeat purchases by existing customers
  • TaskEnhance customer service training for team
  • TaskImplement a loyalty program with exclusive benefits
  • TaskDeploy personalized email marketing promotions
  • Key ResultImprove customer loyalty program participation by 15%
  • TaskIncrease promotion of loyalty program in store and online
  • TaskEnhance benefits exclusive to loyalty program members
  • TaskLaunch referral incentives within the program
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