OKR template to successfully migrate virtual machines from Linux 7 to Linux 8

public-lib · Published 25 days ago

The OKR revolves around the migration of virtual machines from Linux 7 to Linux 8 successfully. The main objective is to complete this migration with no issues within a span of 60 days. Necessary resources are allocated for pre and post-migration testing, and user training for adapting to the new system is also ensured.

One of the measurable results from this objective is the identification and thorough documentation of any potential compatibility issues within the first two weeks of the migration process. All systems and software are reviewed/scrutinized for possible compatibility issues, with a comprehensive document of identified problems submitted by the end of week 2.

A significant milestone is the successful movement and testing of half the total number of virtual machines within 30 days. To achieve this, each virtual machine set for relocation is identified and cataloged. Then, the migration process is executed for 50% of these cataloged systems.

Post-migration, each moved virtual machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its seamless functioning. If any issues arise, they are documented in detail and addressed accordingly. In summary, this OKR aims for a fully planned, executed, and tested migration of virtual machines from Linux 7 to Linux 8.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully migrate virtual machines from Linux 7 to Linux 8
  • Key ResultComplete 100% migration with zero post-migration issues within 60 days
  • TaskAllocate resources for pre and post-migration testing
  • TaskEnsure end-user training for new system adaptations
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive migration plan with clear deadlines
  • Key ResultIdentify and document all potential compatibility issues by end of week 2
  • TaskReview all systems and software for potential compatibility issues
  • TaskFinalize and submit issue documentation by end of week 2
  • TaskDocument identified compatibility problems with detailed descriptions
  • Key ResultSuccessfully move and test 50% of all virtual machines inside 30 days
  • TaskConduct thorough testing on moved virtual machines
  • TaskIdentify and catalog all virtual machines for relocation
  • TaskExecute the migration process for 50% of cataloged systems
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