OKR template to launch a high-quality Real Estate focused newsletter

public-lib · Published 8 days ago

The primary objective of this OKR is to launch a high-quality real estate-focused newsletter. The first outcome involves publishing 12 engaging, informative articles on real estate, with initiatives including researching hot topics, writing drafts, and publishing the articles after thorough proofreading.

The second desired outcome is to garner a minimum of 250 confirmed subscribers for the newsletter within a quarter. To achieve this, initiatives include designing visually compelling call-to-action buttons, offering exclusive content to subscribers, and aggressively promoting the newsletter through various social media platforms.

The third objective is an effort to diversify income by attracting at least three sponsorships or advertisements targeted specifically for the Real Estate newsletter. Initiatives for this outcome include identifying potential sponsors within the real estate industry, reaching out and pitching to the identified sponsors, and developing a compelling sponsorship proposal for the newsletter.

All these steps are carefully designed to ensure the launch of a rich, informative, and financially sustainable newsletter that will provide valuable content to its subscribers, while also incentivizing more readers to subscribe in the future.
  • ObjectiveLaunch a high-quality Real Estate focused newsletter
  • Key ResultPublish 12 engaging, informative articles related to Real Estate
  • TaskResearch hot topics in real estate industry
  • TaskWrite drafts for 12 informative articles
  • TaskEdit, proofread, and publish articles
  • Key ResultGather 250 confirmed subscribers for the newsletter within the quarter
  • TaskDesign attractive subscription call-to-action buttons
  • TaskOffer exclusive content to newsletter subscribers
  • TaskRegularly promote the newsletter on social media
  • Key ResultAttract three sponsorships or advertisements specifically for this Real Estate newsletter
  • TaskIdentify potential sponsors relevant to the real estate industry
  • TaskReach out and pitch to the identified potential sponsors
  • TaskDevelop a compelling sponsorship proposal for the newsletter
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