OKR template to process and complete all outstanding tax returns

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The OKR aims at processing and finishing all outstanding tax returns. A target output of finished tax returns has been set at 25% per week. Efforts will be divided into weekly tasks with constant monitoring of the accomplished tasks and determination of the total amount remaining.

The second objective of the OKR is to decrease errors through the implementation of a review system. The review system aids in the accuracy of the taxation process. To ensure effectiveness, the process includes system monitoring and improvements, staff training on system use, and establishment of a comprehensive return review system.

Another objective is to enhance workforce capability by training two team members in tax return completion. This will not only speed up the process, but also ensure continuity in case of staff changes. Actions to be undertaken include developing a comprehensive tax return training curriculum, identifying who to train, and scheduling the training sessions.

This OKR is therefore focused on efficiency and accuracy in the completion of tax returns. It proposes concrete steps including division of tasks, a review system, and training to reach these targets. The processes outlined are able to be monitored and evaluated for effectiveness.
  • ObjectiveProcess and complete all outstanding tax returns
  • Key ResultFinish 25% of the total tax returns each week consistently
  • TaskDivide total by four to calculate weekly task
  • TaskConsistently complete calculated weekly task
  • TaskDetermine total number of tax returns needing completion
  • Key ResultDecrease errors in tax returns by implementing a review system
  • TaskMonitor system for effectiveness and make improvements
  • TaskTrain staff on utilizing the review system
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive tax return review system
  • Key ResultTrain two team members to support in tax return completion
  • TaskSchedule and conduct tax return training sessions
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive training curriculum on tax returns
  • TaskIdentify which team members to receive tax return training
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