OKR template to improve incident management priority classification

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The OKR emphasizes the improvement of incident management priority classification. The first objective wants to decrease misclassification incidents by 20% by implementing revised protocols. This could be achieved by staff training on new protocols, reviewing current data sorting protocols, and developing more precise classification rules.

The second objective focuses on training all staff to enhance the classification by 30%. The major initiatives here involve measuring the improvement after training, organizing custom training sessions for staff members, and identifying training needs related to classification skills.

The final objective is to reach 90% accuracy in incident priority classification by the end of the specified period. The initiatives for this include regular monitoring and adjustment of classification practices, training staff on classification rules, and creating a comprehensive incident priority classification guide.

By implementing these strategies, the misclassification of incidents can be reduced, and the effectiveness of incident management can be significantly improved, with a targeted accuracy rate of 90% by the end of the period.
  • ObjectiveImprove incident management priority classification
  • Key ResultDecrease misclassification incidents by 20% through revised protocols
  • TaskImplement staff training on new protocols
  • TaskReview current data sorting protocols for inaccuracies
  • TaskDevelop tighter, more precise classification rules
  • Key ResultImplement training for all staff to improve classification by 30%
  • TaskMeasure improvement in classification post-training
  • TaskOrganize tailored training sessions for all staff members
  • TaskIdentify training needs related to classification skills
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% accuracy in incident priority classification by end of the period
  • TaskMonitor and adjust classification practices monthly
  • TaskTrain staff on incident priority classification rules
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive incident priority classification guide
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