OKR template to enhance strategic decision-making skills

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The OKR titled "Enhance strategic decision-making skills" primarily aims to reinforce the ability to make informed, effective decisions. The key outcomes include gathering and analyzing feedback from colleagues about decision-making efficiency, applying learned strategies in real scenarios successfully, and completing a course in decision-making with high scores.

Part of the first outcome is to assess decision-making processes. This would involve seeking input from five chosen colleagues, developing and deploying effectiveness assessments, and then analysizing these results. This feedback can reveal areas for improvement.

The goal also envisages applying theories in practical situations. This involves identifying ideal scenarios for the application of acquired strategies and undertaking strategic operations within these circumstances. The success or failure of each strategy applied will then be documented for future reference and learning.

Lastly, the learning of decision-making should not only be practical but theoretical as well. This includes enrolling in a recognized decision-making course, maintaining a consistent attendance and diligent completion of assignments, and studying regularly with the aim of attaining at least an 85 percent score.
  • ObjectiveEnhance strategic decision-making skills
  • Key ResultGather and analyze feedback on decision efficiency from 5 colleagues
  • TaskCollect and analyze the returned surveys
  • TaskIdentify five colleagues to provide feedback
  • TaskDevelop and distribute an efficiency feedback survey
  • Key ResultImplement learned strategies in 3 real-life scenarios successfully
  • TaskUtilize learned strategy in first identified scenario
  • TaskIdentify 3 real-life scenarios where strategies can be applied
  • TaskDocument the success of each strategy implementation
  • Key ResultComplete a decision-making course with at least 85% score
  • TaskConsistently attend classes and complete all assignments
  • TaskRegister for a reputable decision-making course
  • TaskStudy regularly to achieve at least 85% score
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