OKR template to attract €1m for SAFE investment funding

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The OKR aims to lure €1m for SAFE investment funding, which is planned to accomplish via three main objectives. The initial goal aims to finalize at least ten investment deals that range between €80,000 - €120,000 each. This entails identifying potential investors, negotiating and solidifying the deals, and creating an enticing presentation to accentuate the investment possibilities.

Secondly, it promises to carry out 40 investor presentations, showcasing SAFE investment benefits. This process entails planning and conducting these presentations, pinpointing an array of potential investors, and crafting compelling presentation content that enlightens on the advantages of SAFE investment.

The final objective is to spot and establish contact with a hundred potential investors interested in SAFE. This goal necessitates formulating a specialized pitch for SAFE investment, carrying out a comprehensive inquiry to list a hundred prospective SAFE investors, and beginning communication with each pinned down investor.

Hence, this OKR intends to attract a significant amount of investment for SAFE, by appeasing a substantial amount of investors through detail-oriented and effective strategies designed to pique their interest.
  • ObjectiveAttract €1m for SAFE investment funding
  • Key ResultClose at least 10 investment deals ranging €80,000 - €120,000 each
  • TaskIdentify potential investors interested in €80,000 - €120,000 investments
  • TaskNegotiate and finalize at least 10 investment deals
  • TaskDevelop a compelling presentation showcasing investment opportunities
  • Key ResultConduct 40 investor presentations to showcase SAFE investment benefits
  • TaskSchedule and conduct 40 investor presentations
  • TaskIdentify and compile list of potential investors for presentations
  • TaskDevelop compelling presentation material on SAFE investment benefits
  • Key ResultIdentify and connect with 100 potential investors with interest in SAFE
  • TaskDevelop a tailored pitch for SAFE investment
  • TaskResearch and list 100 potential SAFE investors
  • TaskInitiate contact with each identified investor
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