OKR template to enhance HR's strategic partnership with business units

public-lib · Published 8 months ago

This OKR aims to boost Human Resources' strategic partnerships within various business units. The primary objective is reducing the turnover rate through improved retention strategies. This can be achieved by developing comprehensive employee benefits and incentives programs, implementing systematic employee performance reviews and promotions, and facilitating consistent team building activities and trainings.

Another major objective is to improve employee engagement through Human Resources initiatives. This includes implementing regular team-building exercises and events, conducting workplace culture improvement workshops, and enhancing communication channels for employee feedback. This broad approach will help foster a more inclusive, engaging, and productive workplace environment.

The OKR also highlights the implementation of three new HR-related business alignment projects with positive feedback. The initiatives to achieve this consist of executing the chosen HR business alignment projects, identifying potential HR-related alignment plans, and collecting feedback through post-implementation surveys. This process will ensure these new projects align with business goals and gain approval from involved parties.

Overall, the OKR sets out in detail how to improve HR's partnership with business units. The objectives are clearly stated, with outcomes broken down into specific, realistic, and actionable initiatives. These initiatives are balanced between individual commitments and communal enforcement, thus working towards the set goal.
  • ObjectiveEnhance HR's strategic partnership with business units
  • Key ResultReduce turnover rate by 15% through retention strategies
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive employee benefits and incentives program
  • TaskImplement systematic periodical employee performance reviews and promotions
  • TaskFacilitate consistent team building activities and trainings
  • Key ResultImprove employee engagement score by 20% through HR initiatives
  • TaskImplement regular team-building exercises and events
  • TaskConduct workplace culture improvement workshops
  • TaskEnhance communication channels for employee feedback
  • Key ResultImplement 3 new HR-related business alignment projects with positive feedback
  • TaskExecute the three chosen HR business alignment projects
  • TaskIdentify potential HR-related alignment projects
  • TaskGather feedback using post-implementation surveys
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