OKR template to successfully raise $150,000 via Kickstarter campaign

public-lib · Published 25 days ago

The title of the OKR indicates a primary goal of raising $150,000 through a Kickstarter campaign. This dictates that major fundraising activities will be in place to meet such an ambitious target. It implies a bold aim to utilize crowdfunding platforms effectively leveraging on their massive fundraising potential.

The first objective is to achieve 100% funding in the final campaign week. This is to be accomplished by engaging donors through compelling stories, implementing a matching funds activity, and by enhancing both online and offline marketing strategies. These initiatives align to reach the fundraising target within a specified timeframe.

A second objective to attract 30,000 potential backers is defined. In achieving this, a comprehensive marketing strategy is to be developed which incorporates a multi-channel advertising campaign and the creation of appealing marketing content. Specific understanding of the target audience will also be established to further shape these initiatives.

The final objective involves securing pledges from 50% of potential backers. It necessitates the development of personalized pitch materials per category, a fulfillment of meetings with prospective backers, and appropriate categorization of backers. This stresses the importance of secure commitments from backers to reach or surpass the ultimate fundraising goal.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully raise $150,000 via Kickstarter campaign
  • Key ResultAchieve 100% of funding goal in the final campaign week
  • TaskEngage potential donors through resonating stories
  • TaskImplement a matching funds activity
  • TaskIntensify online and offline marketing strategies
  • Key ResultDevelop and launch a comprehensive marketing strategy attracting 30,000 potential backers
  • TaskImplement multi-channel advertising campaign
  • TaskCreate appealing multimedia marketing content
  • TaskDefine target audience and study their interests and motivations
  • Key ResultSecure pledges from at least 50% of potential backers
  • TaskDevelop personalized pitch materials for each category
  • TaskSchedule and fulfill meetings with potential backers
  • TaskIdentify and categorize potential backers
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