OKR template to secure 6.5M for nonprofit

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The main objective of this OKR (Objective and Key Results) is to secure 6.5 million for a nonprofit. This goal is divided into key objectives: obtaining 1.5 million in grants from foundations, raising 2 million through online fundraising campaigns, and securing 3 million through corporate partnerships.

The first key objective is obtaining 1.5M in grants, aiming to progressively secure this amount. The initiatives in place include preparing detailed grant proposals, identifying foundations for applications, and timely submission of these proposals.

The second key objective is raising 2M through online fundraising campaigns. This objective is achieved by launching and monitoring the campaign's performance, developing a marketing strategy, and targeting key audiences during the fundraising.

The third key objective is securing 3M through corporate partnerships. This ambitious objective will be realized by initiating negotiations and finalizing partnership agreements, identifying potential corporate partners based on synergy and financial potential, and developing compelling partnership proposals.
  • ObjectiveSecure 6.5M for nonprofit
  • Key ResultObtain 1.5M in grants from foundations
  • TaskPrepare compelling, detailed grant proposals
  • TaskIdentify suitable foundations for grant applications
  • TaskSubmit all proposals as per requirements
  • Key ResultRaise 2M through online fundraising campaigns
  • TaskLaunch and continuously monitor the campaign's performance
  • TaskDevelop a compelling marketing strategy
  • TaskIdentify key audiences to target during online fundraising
  • Key ResultSecure 3M through corporate partnerships
  • TaskInitiate negotiations and finalize partnership agreements
  • TaskIdentify potential corporate partners based on synergy and financial potential
  • TaskDevelop a compelling partnership proposal showcasing mutual benefits
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