OKR template to acquire proficiency in business analysis as a beginner

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The OKR in question revolves around the goal of obtaining proficiency in business analysis if you're a newbie. It includes thoroughly implementing two business analysis projects under supervision, where a comprehensive project plan needs to be developed under the guidance of a supervisor for successful execution.

Coming to the outcomes, one of these involves obtaining 90% satisfaction feedback based on collaboration skills from five different team members. This includes seeking feedback, conducting an anonymous survey to measure collaborative skills, and then reviewing the responses received to further improve necessary areas.

The next outcome involves enrolling and successfully completing four certified business analysis online courses. These courses serve as great tools to gain in-depth knowledge and the initiatives involve dedicating specific study hours, enrolling in the selected courses, and conducting prior research to know what courses to opt for.

Lastly, the score format is in percentage form for each outcome. This format helps to quantify and easily measure the outcome achievement level while keeping track of goal fulfillment.
  • ObjectiveAcquire proficiency in business analysis as a beginner
  • Key ResultExecute two successful business analysis projects under supervision
  • TaskDevelop detailed project plans under supervisor guidance
  • TaskIdentify and define two suitable business analysis projects
  • TaskImplement projects, ensuring objectives are met successfully
  • Key ResultGain feedback showing 90% satisfaction from 5 different team members on collaboration skills
  • TaskSolicit feedback from each team member
  • TaskConduct an anonymous survey on collaboration skills
  • TaskReview and analyze received responses
  • Key ResultComplete four certified business analysis courses online
  • TaskDedicate regular study times and complete all coursework
  • TaskEnroll in the chosen business analysis courses
  • TaskResearch and select four online certified business analysis courses
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