OKR template to successfully complete Micro-segmentation for Tier1 and Tier2 applications

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The overarching OKR aims to implement micro-segmentation successfully for both Tier1 and Tier2 applications. The first objective is implementation-focused, to ensure that at least 60% of prime applications employ micro-segmentation. Initiatives towards this include detail-oriented diagram development, execution of the decided plan and identifying the top fraction of high-priority applications.

The second objective targets both identification and prioritization of all Tier1 and Tier2 applications within the initial month. It prioritizes detailed evaluation of apps' utility and importance, compiling a comprehensive list and ranking applications based upon the evaluation outcome.

The third objective is more strategic and demands the creation of a distinct micro-segmentation plan for 75% of the spotted applications. The key initiatives here emphasize identifying unique attributes of each application, application-based execution of segmentation plans and developing a personalized micro-segmentation strategy for each application.

Overall, the OKR focuses on an integrated approach involving identification, prioritization, strategic planning and practical execution for addressing the micro-segmentation of Tier1 and Tier2 applications.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully complete Micro-segmentation for Tier1 and Tier2 applications
  • Key ResultImplement micro-segmentation for at least 60% of prioritized applications
  • TaskDevelop a diagram detailing each application's segmentation
  • TaskExecute approved micro-segmentation plan across identified apps
  • TaskIdentify top 60% of high-priority apps for micro-segmentation
  • Key ResultIdentify and prioritize all Tier1 and Tier2 applications by end of first month
  • TaskEvaluate the importance and usage of listed applications
  • TaskCompile a list of all Tier1 and Tier2 applications
  • TaskRank applications based on evaluation results
  • Key ResultDevelop an individualized micro-segmentation plan for 75% of identified applications
  • TaskIdentify key characteristics of each application for segmentation
  • TaskImplement segmentation plans on 75% of selected applications
  • TaskCreate customized micro-segmentation strategy for each application
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