OKR template to develop and implement an efficient cloud strategy

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The OKR titled 'Develop and implement an efficient cloud strategy' aims to identify potential cloud service providers, analyze their features, and prepare a report comparing them all. This task is to take place by the end of the second month. The score format is set as a percentage, ranging from 0 to 100%.

Next, the OKR focuses on defining the desired outcomes and critical objectives of the cloud strategy, along with determining the main requirements. This step is intended to be completed by the end of the first month. Just like the previous one, the progress of meeting this objective would be scored using a percentage.

The OKR continues with the design, testing, and execution of a cloud migration strategy. This phase is aimed at achieving a 90% success rate by the quarter's end, including activities such as creating a comprehensive cloud migration plan, executing the migration while addressing arising issues, and conducting exhaustive pre-migration testing.

The end goal is a well thought out and efficient cloud strategy which has been effectively migrated. By defining clear stages such as discovery, planning, execution and testing, the implementation of the cloud solution can be assessed periodically to ensure success.
  • ObjectiveDevelop and implement an efficient cloud strategy
  • Key ResultIdentify and analyze potential cloud service providers by the end of month 2
  • TaskResearch potential cloud service providers
  • TaskPrepare a comparative analytical report of all providers
  • TaskEvaluate providers based on features, cost-effectiveness and reliability
  • Key ResultDefine key requirements and desired outcomes of the cloud strategy by month 1
  • TaskOutline desired outcomes from implementing the cloud solution
  • TaskIdentify critical objectives for adopting the cloud strategy
  • TaskDetermine primary requirements for the cloud strategy
  • Key ResultDesign, test, and execute cloud migration strategy achieving 90% transition by quarter end
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive cloud migration plan, including cost and risk analysis
  • TaskExecute the cloud migration, closely monitoring process and resolving issues promptly
  • TaskConduct exhaustive testing on pre-migration process and continuity plans
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