OKR template to secure venture capital funding for Plika's Latam expansion

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The OKR revolves around the goal of securing venture capital for the expansion of Plika in the Latin American market. Under this objective, the key results aim at securing at least $1 million from a minimum of two investors, scheduling pitch meetings with at least ten potential investors, and identifying and prioritizing twenty suitable venture capitalists.

To achieve these outcomes, initiatives include conducting enticing pitch meetings, identifying and connecting with potential investors, and creating an all-encompassing and persuasive business plan presentation. Supplying a compelling investment pitch and subsequent scheduling of meetings via email or phone calls is also instrumental.

The strategy also involves meticulous research. It aims to identify a minimum of ten prospective investors navigating the map of venture capitalism. The prepared list is then evaluated and prioritized according to the investor's tendencies to invest and the alignment with Plika’s expansion strategy.

Investment tendencies and records are some critical criteria for selecting suitable investors. The ranking system facilitates the identification of potential investors who are more likely to support and contribute to Plika's expansion strategy. Such prioritization enables a more targeted and efficient fundraising approach.
  • ObjectiveSecure venture capital funding for Plika's Latam expansion
  • Key ResultSecure a minimum of $1million in funding committed by at least 2 investors
  • TaskConduct engaging pitch meetings with selected investors
  • TaskIdentify and connect with potential investors
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive, persuasive business plan presentation
  • Key ResultArrange pitch meetings with a minimum of 10 prospective Venture Capital investors
  • TaskIdentify and research 10 prospective Venture Capital investors
  • TaskPrepare a compelling investment pitch presentation
  • TaskSchedule meetings via email or phone calls
  • Key ResultIdentify and prioritize 20 potential Venture Capitalists suitable for our expansion strategy
  • TaskResearch and compile a list of 20 potential venture capitalists
  • TaskAnalyze each prospect's investment tendencies and records
  • TaskRank potential investors based on alignment with our expansion strategy
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