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The OKR titled "QR code integration" aims to successfully incorporate QR code technology into the company's product range. The first objective emphasizes the importance of accuracy, aiming to test and ensure that integrated QR codes can be scanned with 99% precision. Achievement of this objective requires developing rigorous testing protocols, reviewing test results to identify areas for improvement and conducting repeated accuracy tests.

The second objective focuses on team skills enhancement, with the goal of providing QR code product feature updates and functional training to all team members. The initiatives to achieve this objective include identifying required updates, developing comprehensive training materials and scheduling regular training sessions.

The third objective highlights the intention to implement QR code functionality in at least 90% of the company's products. To meet this goal, the company will design QR codes for each suitable product, research and select an appropriate QR code generation system, and integrate the QR codes with the product's packaging design.

Overall, this OKR outlines a holistic approach towards integrating QR codes into the company's product offerings, emphasizing accuracy, team training, and implementation across the majority of products as key steps.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully integrate QR code technology into our product offering
  • Key ResultTest and ensure 99% accurate scanning of integrated QR codes
  • TaskDevelop rigorous testing protocols for QR code accuracy
  • TaskReview and analyse test results to identify improvements
  • TaskConduct repeated accuracy tests on integrated QR codes
  • Key ResultTrain 100% of our team on QR code product feature updates and functionalities
  • TaskIdentify required updates and functionalities for QR code product training
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive training materials for team members
  • TaskSchedule and conduct training sessions for all team members
  • Key ResultImplement QR code functionality on at least 90% of our products
  • TaskDesign QR codes for each eligible product
  • TaskResearch and select a suitable QR code generation system
  • TaskIntegrate QR codes with product packaging design
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